PNR Status

If you are traveling in Indian Railways, it is likely that you will need to do a PNR status check before you board the train. For those new to PNR number, this is basically a 10 digit number that is printed on the left side of the ticket (including e-tickets) and is considered as the basic reference point. A number of tickets can be booked together for the same train and journey with a single PNR.

Enter your 10 digits PNR number Without Hyphen “-”

Knowing to check the status of PNR is important because ticket status and berth allotment often changes with cancellations and after chart is prepared. Here is a quick take at simple ways of knowing the current status of a PNR. Apart from the below mentioned points one can also check his or her railway’s reservation enquiry of southern railway, northern railway, central railway etc. through the above mentioned form.

Via the internet: If you have an internet connection, you can check the PNR status on the official portal of Indian Railways or here on this site typing your ten digit PNR number in the above box. All tickets, no matter in which way purchased, can be checked on the portal. Those who have booked a ticket with an account in the IRCTC portal (, they can check the PNR and its current details in the booking section. There are a number of websites that offer status checking facilities for Indian Railways PNR, but all these services are linked via the official railways site, so the information is common.

Via apps on smartphone: Smartphone users have the option of using apps for the respective mobile platform, including Blackberry, Android, iOS and Symbian, for checking PNR number and status. These apps are fast to use and fetch the information from the official website of Indian Railways using 3G, Wi-Fi, or data connections.

Via Call or phone: The customer services of Indian Railways have improved considerably over the years, and today a PNR status check can be done easily by calling 139. Mobile phone and landline users can call on 139 and follow a simple IVR that directs to the enquiry option. While the landline numbers of BSNL and MTNL are not charged for calls to this number, other landlines and mobile phone users are charged as per premium rates. However, this is one of the most reliable ways of checking the PNR and can be used at all times during the day.

Via SMS: The simplest way of checking the current ticket status is to use the SMS service provided by IRCTC. Passengers can message their PNR number to 139 (example:  PNR1234567890) and get an instant update on the current status. Indian Railways also offers PNR status check facility on numbers 57886 and 5676747. For knowing the current ticket position, one can type ‘PNR’ followed by a space and 10-digit PNR number and send to either of the numbers. All these numbers are chargeable and SMS are charged at premium rates for all mobile services.

If you are using the PNR check service frequently by your phone through means of your mobile, you can use other services offered by railway, for example, you need to type the 10-digit PNR number in the message box and send to to 54959 (ex: PNR 1234567890 to 54959). One another similar number is 5676747. You can also know your status by sending sms to 57886 in ( IRPNR <10-digit PNR Number>) format.

This SMS will be charged at regular SMS rates applicable for your mobile and can be free if you have a SMS pack.